Menu Plan Monday–Mini Grocery Haul 1/29/17

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My goal this year is to spend $300/month on groceries.  I want to keep my grocery budget low so that I can put money towards other goals like cash-flowing my daughter’s wedding and paying extra on the mortgage.  This weekend, I looked at my budget and realized I only had 17.42 left to spend if I were to remain at $300 or less for January.  Hmmm, I was thinking I would be making a big grocery trip this weekend.  Well, I was determined to stay on budget and it meant I would be making a quick trip.  Yay!

I looked in my freezer and fridge.  I still had 2 one pound packages of ground turkey, a whole turkey, about 1 1/2 lbs of chicken breasts and a package of turkey brats.  I also had 2 packages of frozen broccoli, frozen corn, frozen peas, and frozen peas.  I have some canned veggies and some celery and carrots in the fridge.  I still have plenty of staples in the pantry.

Here is the menu plan I came up with before going to the store:

Breakfasts:  cereal and milk, yogurt/granola, egg in a hole, steel cut oats, grits, boiled eggs.

Lunches:  leftovers, turkey sandwiches, salad, oranges


Sunday–Chicken and rice one dish casserole, steamed broccoli  (not really a winner–won’t make again)

Monday–Roasted vegetables and turkey brats, quinoa

Tuesday–turkey, rice and gravy, broccoli

Wednesday–breakfast for dinner–pancakes and bacon, oranges

Thursday–turkey chili and cornbread

Friday–turkey pot pie (i have pie crusts in the freezer)

Saturday–Cobb salad, turkey noodle soup

I went grocery shopping and stuck to my list for the most part.  I should have looked closer in my pantry, because I could have avoided buying the canned tomatoes and chili beans.  My hubby had bought extra when he went to Aldi last week.  I found several items marked down and got the Friday freebie.  I ended up spending $18.60 (includes tax), so I went over for the month by $1.18 for the month.  I’ll take it.  I actually was surprised that I could put together enough meals for another week.  The whole turkey saved the budget, since that can be used for several meals and lunches.

Here’s what I got at the store:

Kroger shredded wheat cereal $0.99  (marked down because the box was beat up–cereal fine)

Pink navel oranges $3.98  (a splurge, but I wanted some fruit)

Frozen corn  $1.00 (I thought I had a free coupon for this but it was for a flavored Steamfresh–dang it)

Green leaf lettuce  $0.98

Baby Portabella mushrooms  $1,19   (markdown)

2 Roma tomatoes  $0.40

Powerbar Protein Bar  FREE

1 lb bacon   $3.49

5 cans tomatoes  $0.49 each –total $2.45

2 cans chili beans $0.59 ea  total $1.18

1 loaf bread       $1.59  (markdown)

Total $18.60

There were lots of meats marked down that tempted me, but I passed them by since I know they will have more next week.

Sticking to the budget making me get more creative and make more things from scratch.  This week I will be making more Homemade granola (1/2 batch–I am low on oatmeal), homemade bread, and croutons.  I have actually thought of a couple more meatless meals I can make for the following week.


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    January 31, 2017 at 12:57 am

    Looks like you did great on you food this week. Great job!

  • Reply
    February 1, 2017 at 4:35 pm

    I had one of those weeks also but I stuck to my guns and came in $5.58 under budget for the month. My monthly budget is $200. I amaze myself sometimes with how creative I can get and still put a good meal on the table every night.

  • Reply
    February 4, 2017 at 8:33 pm

    You did really well 🙂

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