Frugal Christmas Gift–From the Grocery Store!

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We made a decision as an extended family to change our gift giving.  On my husband’s side of the family, we decided not to exchange gifts and to meet at a restaurant for Christmas Eve luncheon.  On my side of the family, we decided to give one gift to each family instead of drawing names for each person.  The little kids will still get small gifts from everyone.

I had been considering what family gift would be nice when I walked into my usual grocery store right after Thanksgiving.  I notice that the manager was at the front of the store marking down items from a recent promotion.  I stopped to look closely and noticed that he was marking large bottles of nice olive oil down to $2.49!  Wow.  That alone would be a nice gift as this bottle runs easily $12-$15 regular price.  However, the manager mentioned that he was marking down everything on this display—pasta ($0.29), boxed breadsticks($0.49), balsamic vinegar ($0.39), lady finger cookies ($0.29), as well as the olive oil.  I got an idea.  I picked up 6 of every item (and some for my self)!  I also picked up 6 jars of pasta sauce that were BOGO.

When I got home, I started assembling an Italian Gift Set for all the families.  I used some shrink wrap bags that I have had for 20 years (I used to make gift baskets) and some rolls of pull-tie bows that I already had on hand.

Here are pictures of the items and the finished product:

I am so pleased with the results and I think it will be a great gift for all the families.  For around $6 a family I got a wonderful gift worth much more!  I find it so much more fun to find nice gifts a a great price.

Have you ever bought gifts at a grocery store?

I would love to hear about your frugal gift giving ideas.



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    L Schmit
    December 19, 2016 at 2:41 pm

    wow! your gift looks better than the overpriced baskets I see at the store… I am sure your extended family will enjoy as it is something they can certainly put to good use. This year, through CVS and other sales at the grocery store, I purchased Reeses products for my FIL as he looooovves this type of candy. It has been a tough year full of health scares and his having to put my MIL in the nursing home, so I think it will certainly encourage him to get a boxful of Reeses items for his sweet tooth:)

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    December 19, 2016 at 4:14 pm

    I love your Italian gift sets. I too shopped at the grocery store this year. I had my husband make some wooden boxes that 3 cardboard berry boxes fit into and I filled one basket with nuts, one with chocolate and one with small oranges. Then I tied it up with cellophane and a nice bow and handmade gift tag. My gift sets costs about $8 each cause I had to buy the berry boxes. Still a nice gift at a price I can actually afford. I know they will get used and enjoyed.

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    December 19, 2016 at 6:45 pm

    What a great idea! I’ve made movie night baskets before with popcorn, favorite soda, and candy from the grocery store. If you have a few extra dollars, an Amazon card rounds it out for prime users.

    I hope you check out my blog too. Found you through your post on the prudent homemaker.

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    December 25, 2016 at 1:15 pm

    Amazing! And frugal. Please put me on your ‘gift list’ 😉
    Love the 39 cents balsamic. I would have gotten 6 of each myself had I seen this deal at one of my grocery stores. Well done!

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