December Grocery Shopping and Meal Plan

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We made plans for December grocery shopping this weekend.  I looked back at November’s grocery spending and was shocked to realized we had spent $736 for groceries!  It was a real wake-up call.  Granted, we stocked up on some things and bought a bunch of items to make Christmas gift baskets (I am planning on posting about what we made) and we hosted for Thanksgiving, but $736 is way too much.  We are setting a grocery budget of around $200 for December.

We went to Aldi and Kroger yesterday and spent a total of $136.  We found good deals at Aldi, including eggs for $0.29/dozen.  At Kroger, we found some markdown meats.  We planned our menu for most of December before we went to the store and mostly bought items to fill in based on what we have on hand.

Here are the meals we have planned:

hot dogs, sauerkraut, homemade potato chips  (we will have hot dogs later in month with roasted potatoes–had several packages on-hand)

spaghetti (made with ground turkey), salad with homemade dressing  (we will have this meal twice this month)

fettuccine Alfredo, green beans

ground turkey stir-fry, rice

broccoli soup/cornbread

taco soup/cornbread

chili/tortilla chips

chicken thighs, rice or quinoa, peas

hamburger stroganoff, rice or noodles, broccoli

breakfast for dinner–eggs/bacon/toast

chicken and rice casserole, peas

soft tacos

bean and rice burritos

pork roast, roasted potatoes, green beans  (we will have pork roast again as we found two marked down at Kroger)

Christmas dinner:  chicken and dumplings, stuffed mushrooms, green beans, salad, deviled eggs, cinnamon oatmeal raisin cookies, french   breakfast puffs.

We will be using leftovers for taking our lunches to work.  Even with doing that, I believe that there will be a couple of leftover nights from these meals–maybe more.  So, we should easily have enough on hand for the rest of the month.  I may need to supplement with some produce and perhaps milk and bread.

We will see how it goes!  I hope you stop by for update.



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    Vickie@Vickie's Kitchen and Garden
    December 13, 2016 at 2:17 am

    Some months we get out of control too on our grocery spending. It’s amazing how fast we lose track and what the total can be. There were some good sales so we are stocked up for quite awhile. Your menu sounds delicious! I especially love chicken and dumplings for Christmas dinner. Sounds so good!

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