Daily Frugal Diary–Week of 1/30/17


I was inspired to track frugal accomplishments daily by another blogger—By Hearth and Home.  I feel inspired by so many other frugal bloggers and it is helpful to see how others save money.  Tracking my daily frugal habits should help me to me more intentional and help me to be accountable.

Monday 1/30/17

I worked from 7 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. so there wasn’t much time to either spend money or find new ways to save.  I used up that last of a soup I made last week and took the last serving of a salad I made over the weekend for lunch at work.  I made homemade salad dressing using Brandy’s Balsamic Orange Vinaigrette.  Delicious!   I also found a recipe for regular Italian dressing.  The homemade dressings are so delicious, I don’t think I will go back to buying bottled dressing.  Homemade dressings are frugal and delicious!

For dinner, we had one of the meals I made over the weekend.  I find that I enjoy cooking on Sunday afternoon and I usually do a couple of meals to have during the work week.

Tuesday 1/31/17

Tuesday was another long work day.  I really didn’t work that many hours, but Atlanta traffic was destroyed and my drive home took 2 hours.  I also went to get information from a weight loss center.  I almost signed up for the program, but when they put the “contract” in front of me, it wasn’t what they had initially said it would be on a weekly basis and I walked out.  I don’t think this company is interested in helping you to lose weight–only in making money.  I got home, looked for a Groupon for Weight Watchers and signed up for the online program.

Wednesday 2/1/17

In January, we were trying to eat as much as possible from our pantry.  We really had almost nothing left in our freezer and very little left to make meals in our pantry.  Since my son and I are both now doing Weight Watchers, we had to go to the grocery store.  Eating healthy isn’t cheap!  I spend $170 at Aldi and got a lot of healthy, low point foods for the program.  I did spend some money on items that will make it easier to grab a quick breakfast and to stay on program.

Thursday 2/2/17

Work…another long day.  I did stop at Publix and spent another $18 for some items to help with Weight Watchers.  So, I have already spent $188 of my budgeted $300 per month for groceries.  It will be interesting to see how close to budget I can stay and eat healthy.  Not easy.

Friday 2/3/17

I worked from home today!  I get so much done working from home and I didn’t have to spend time in traffic or money on gas.  Yay!  Friday night we stayed in and made Chicken Kabobs and brown rice.  My meal plan has changed a bit since we started Weight Watchers on Wednesday.

Saturday 2/4/17

Saturday night I had an Anniversary Ball for my company to attend.  After 5 clothing was required.  I have several after 5 outfits, but many are not fitting well right now.  I was determined to not buy anything new, so I made one of the dressing pants outfit work.  We had a great time at the ball and I got many complements on my outfit.   The Ball was a very special night out with good food and dancing.

We stopped on the way home for the Friday Freebie at our Kroger and also picked up some hamburger buns.  Total spent was $2, so my monthly total is up to $190.

Sunday 2/5/17

We staying in all day on Sunday.  We spent time cleaning our master bedroom, bathroom, powder room and the living room and the kitchen/dining rooms.  I also spent time in my sewing room doing some more fabric organization.  My husband worked on our taxes and got them submitted.  We will be putting our refund directly into the sinking fund for our daughter’s wedding.

Overall, it was a decent week from a frugal standpoint.  I did spend a lot of our grocery budget for the month in just a few day, however, I got enough to last for a while.  I should only need to add fresh fruit and veggies.

How was your week?

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