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    2018 Goals–Mid-year Update

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    1. Develop alternate income streams.

    I haven’t spent time working on any side hustles.  I am still working a lot of hours at my full-time job (always over 40 hour/wk) and I have a commute of 1 1/2 each way to work.

    2. Learn more about Instagram, YouTube and update/optimize the blog.

    I haven’t learned anything new.

    3. Pay off my husband’s graduate school loans.   DONE!

    Took care of this the first week of January.

    4. Pay down our mortgage by $15K.

    We are trying to pay at least $500/month extra towards the mortgage.  That amount won’t get us to our goal for this year, but with the unexpected expenses we have had, I am happy to pay any extra.

    5. De-clutter and organize basement storage areas; sell, donate or discard items we no longer want.

    I am still only working on this a box at a time.

    6. Get healthier: lose weight and move more.

    My husband and I joined Weight Watchers in March.  We have both lost 15lbs!

    We have also gotten into meal prepping and that has really helped us stay on track.  I plan on posting more on our meal prepping.  I really like some of the meal prep videos by Amanda Cypert on YouTube.

    Here is an example of one of Amanda’s videos:

    7. Work in my sewing room an hour or more each week.

    I am doing better at spending a few minutes each weekend in my sewing room.  I took a class with Bonnie Hunter when she came to the Gwinnett Quilt Guild in May.  That means I started another quilt!  My focus for the next month is to finish up some projects.  I had considered sending some completed tops to my friend who is a longarm quilter and paying her to quilt them–just to get them done.  But, we have another large car expense this month, so I am going to try to quilt them myself.

    I purchased some Pioneer Woman placemats, and I am going to try some projects that I saw on YouTube using place mats.  Check one out here:

    8. Post on this site 4 x per month.

    Nope–I really do want to get better at posting.

    9.Continue the Use It Up project that I started in November.

    I haven’t made much of an effort to keep track of what I have been using.

    10. Complete a home project from my list every month (this includes decor projects–we don’t have a lot of fixing up to do).

    This month, we finally built the storage building that we have had just sitting.  It is one of the resin buildings like THIS that we had at our old house.  My husband had to build a platform for it to sit on and that took some engineering since we have a sloped yard.

    We also added some elevated planters to our deck.  We wanted to have some raised beds in the yard, but haven’t figured out how to build those on our very sloped yard.

    Since it is June and mid-year, it is a good time to re-evaluate goals.  I am still happy with the goals that I set.  I would like to work more on the alternate income source and I have been considering making projects to take to craft fairs in the fall.  I also really want to do more of the decluttering.

    How are your 2018 goals progressing?  Is it time to re-evaluate?