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    2018 Goals: Week 1 of 52

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    1. Develop alternate income streams.

    My husband sold some of his collectables this week.  The funds from these sales are going toward a trip we have planed in June to Chattanooga.

    2. Learn more about Instagram, YouTube and update/optimize the blog.

    I didn’t work toward learning anything new this week related to YouTube or Instagram.  My husband worked some on the appearance of the blog.

    3. Pay off my husband’s graduate school loans.   DONE!

    We took a huge step of faith this week and took money from our savings and paid off my husband’s graduate school loans–$15,455.00.  We still have 6 months of expenses in our emergency fund.  However, this makes me nervous, so we will work in the coming months to replenish some of what we used to pay of the loan.

    4. Pay down our mortgage by $15K.

    We did not pay any extra principle towards our mortgage this week.  We just paid our regular payment.  We hope to put extra towards the principle in coming weeks in addition to replenishing our savings.

    5. De-clutter and organize basement storage areas; sell, donate or discard items we no longer want.

    We took one box of clothing to Goodwill this week.

    6. Get healthier: lose weight and move more.

    I have hired a trainer.  I am investing the money towards my health and hope to lose weight and get into a exercise routine.

    7. Work in my sewing room an hour or more each week.

    I worked more than an hour in my sewing room this week.  I spend time organizing and cleaning, and I am cutting out projects to take on a sewing retreat later in the month.  It was such a joy to be in my sewing studio!

    8. Post on this site 4 x per month.

    So far, so good.  Two posts for January!

    9.Continue the Use It Up project that I started in November.

    I am continuing to use up products that I mentioned in my post back in November.  I will be posting an update next week.

    10. Complete a home project from my list every month (this includes decor projects–we don’t have a lot of fixing up to do).

    This week we reorganized my sewing room, added a new buffet to our dining room, and hung the Blessed sign above our cased opening to our kitchen/breakfast room.  I also purchased some new throw pillows for our sectional.

    11. Meal plan and have weekly meal prep sessions.

    We plan on doing a large grocery shopping trip early each month and then smaller fill-in trips weekly for fresh produce, eggs and milk.  This week, I shopped using the Kroger Clicklist service since I was sent an e-coupon for 10% off of our total.  We spend $245 for groceries this week out of our $450.00 budget for January.  We will try to spend $50 each week for the next three weeks and shoot to be under budget for the month. (husband edit – I put a pork roast in the crock pot today, YUM!! I even made some hummus! Lisa and I also made a quiche as well.)

    12. Do Christmas shopping throughout the year; avoid the last minute rush and save money.

    I found some Star Wars boxers on clearance this week and will use them as stocking stuffers next Christmas.

    Not a bad start to the year!  How about you?  Did you set any goals for 2018?  How is it going?  Please share how it is going and let’s keep each other accountable!

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