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    Last Week’s Frugal Accomplishments and Fail

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    Frugal Accomplishments and a fail this week.

    We shopped at Aldi and got eggs for $0.49/dozen.  We stuck to our list and only spent $40. We have spent $400 on groceries this month so far.  We probably could go the rest of the month without shopping.  See my meal plan for the next 14 days.

    Our meal service that we ordered (Chef’d) did not come in as promised on Wednesday.  The big snowstorm in the northeast cause a delay.  I called Chef’d and they gave me a credit for the entire amount of the meals since the food was guaranteed for Wednesday delivery.  They said that they would instruct the delivery carrier to destroy the food.  On Thursday the food was delivered.  When I opened the package, the food was still fresh and the ice packs still frozen.  We are getting a chance to try the service this week for free.

    I went shopping with my daughter to pick out shoes for her wedding.  She found some evening shoes that were comfortable and the heel not too high (she wants to be comfortable), but they were missing the mate to the size 6.  She tried on the 6 1/2 and it seemed to work, but the clerk said they could get a size 6 from another store and deliver it to us for free.  We ended up buying the 6 1/2 and the 6 is on order.  We will return which ever pair doesn’t work.  The shoes were on sale for $64.99 marked down from $90.

    I worked in my sewing room for 6 hours last Saturday.  I embroidered several quilt labels for auction quilts at church (using my embroidery machine), I worked on piecing a lap size quilt top and I made an infinity scarf that I wore to a meeting this week.  I am not getting as much time to work in my sewing room as I would like.  I still hope to complete all of my UFOs that I have started in 2017 and give everyone hand made gifts this Christmas.

    Last Sunday we rode up to the mountains to look at a cabin (about an hour from us).  While we were in the area, we went by an apple orchard store.  They were still selling apples that were from the orchard (I am guessing the last that were picked and have been stored.)  While we were there, my son bought a jar of candied jalapenos.  They are so good!  It has inspired us to try a recipe and canning some ourselves this year.  I know I can usually buy jalapenos very inexpensively.

    Fail:  During the early morning hours Thursday, I went to get water from the kitchen faucet and discovered that we had no water service.  After calling the emergency number (3:30 a.m.), we were told there was no water outage in our area.  My husband went outside and discovered a busted pipe in our front yard that was between the water meter and our house.  He cut the water off at the street.  We had to get a plumber to fix the pipe.  The plumber said that roots from a bush above the pipe had basically caused the problem.  $305 to repair.  I am grateful that we have an emergency fund.