My 12 Goals for 2017: Week 4 of 52

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Week #4, can you believe it?  Overall, it wasn’t a super productive week.  I had to go out-of-town for work for a couple of days, so that had some affect on productivity.  Here is the update on goals…

1. Pay Down Our Mortgage

I think we are doing really well on this so far.  We have paid an extra $1000 towards the principle of our mortgage in 2017.

2. Frugal Gift Giving

My son’s birthday was Thursday.  I was coming home from being out-of-town and was super tired.  So, I took the easy, but expensive way and took him to a nice dinner.   At least I had entertainment funds budgeted.

Saturday, my hubby and I attended a surprise birthday party for a friend.  I was able to take a gift that I had prepared at Christmas as an extra gift to have on hand, so I didn’t purchase anything extra.

3. Buy only what is essential and choose to buy used when possible.

I didn’t buy anything this week, or go shopping at all.

4.  Plan and install Edible Landscaping

We have had a lot of rain this week, so I didn’t work outside and I haven’t made garden plans yet.

5. Look for new ways to cut spending

After making my menu plan this week, and making the corresponding list for groceries, I spend a few minutes really thinking about what I could do to decrease how much I was going to have to buy at the grocery store.  I realized I could cook some chicken from the freezer and make chicken salad, boil some eggs that we have on hand and make egg salad and make more homemade granola.  By doing these three things, I was able to cross sandwich meat and cereal off my grocery list.  I am using up things we have on hand!

I was very conscious to turn off lights when leaving rooms and I make sure to power down the computers at night.  Fortunately, with all the rain and since it is winter and the grass isn’t growing, we have turned off our sprinkler system.  Holy cow!  Our water bill dropped by $100 by not running the sprinklers.  Yay!

6.  Look for side hustles to earn an extra $5000

No extra income this week.

7.  Declutter–Get rid of 1000 items.

I found two more books, 2 more articles of clothing, some fabric from my sewing room (5 pieces) and a full size set of sheets to donate.

Total items gone for the year:  30

Not setting any records here, but I didn’t have much time to work on decluttering this week.

8.  10/7/17–Cash Flow our Daughter’s Wedding

We had no additional expenditures this week.

Total spend towards wedding so far:  $2337

9.  Lose 50 pounds

What can I say?   No progress on weight loss this week—I didn’t even bother to weigh.

10.  Devote time 3-4 days a week to Self-Care,

I spent time in my sewing room this weekend and, to me, this is self care.   I am still organizing, but it nice to be touching my fabric and making the space nice to work.

11. Spend no more than $300/month on groceries

My husband went to Aldi when I was out-of-town and spend $22.78.  I went to Kroger this weekend after making our menu plan for the week and spent $33.70.  I may actually be done for the month, and I am still well under my goal of $300.  If necessary, I can still go and get some fresh items.

Total spent on groceries so far in January: $242.60

12.  Finish 12 sewing projects

I spend more time organizing my fabric this weekend.  There is still more work to be done.    I think I have almost finished wrapping all the fabric on magazine boards.  Some fabric won’t get wrapped on the magazine boards.    I have several different 108″ wide pieces of fabric that are meant for backing quilt tops that I have already finished.  They are just too big to wrap.  I also have A LOT of smaller pieces of fabric that are 1/2 yard or less that are not big enough to wrap.

As I was wrapping fabric today, I tried to estimate how many total yards I have.  I wish I had actually kept track when I started organizing.  But, I have used about 150 magazine boards, and I am only wrapping pieces that are 1 yard or more.  Many are one yard pieces, but some that I have wrapped are as much as 7 yards.  I estimate that I have at least 250 yards of fabric.  I don’t need to buy anymore!  Having said that, I am going to Paducah in April and I am sure I will be tempted.  I am going to keep a picture of my fabric stash on my phone to remind me not to go crazy buying a bunch more!

I have a serious fabric addiction–just sayin’.  I need to get busy on some projects and use some fabric!

That’s it for now.  Nothing too exciting.  How was your week?




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    January 27, 2017 at 11:22 pm

    Whoa! Indeed, your fabric stash is pretty awesome. I would love to see some posts on the projects that you are working on. Please do share. x

  • Reply
    January 31, 2017 at 1:23 am

    Where did you buy your cutting table? I love it! It’s so nice to see all the fabric visually displayed like that!

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