2018 Goals: Week 9 of 52

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1. Develop alternate income streams.

This week I sold my Babylock 6 needle embroidery machine (pictured).  It was sad to see it go, but it was better than it sitting unused most of the time.  I decided that what precious little time I have to be in my sewing studio, I want to work on my quilting–not embroidery.  The young lady that bought the machine has a business with her mom and it will be put to good use.  I sold the machine for $3580.00 and those funds are going into savings.

2. Learn more about Instagram, YouTube and update/optimize the blog.

I haven’t learned anything new.

3. Pay off my husband’s graduate school loans.   DONE!

Took care of this the first week of January.

4. Pay down our mortgage by $15K.

We have paid an extra $1500 total towards the principle of our mortage in 2018.  We need to step this up, but there have been some other things that we have had to spend money on unexpectedly, so I am pretty happy with where we are.

5. De-clutter and organize basement storage areas; sell, donate or discard items we no longer want.

We took one box of donations to Good Will and have started another.  We are going through and listing items to sell on local facebook pages.

6. Get healthier: lose weight and move more.

I worked with my trainer for three months and just decided not to continue.  I am happy that I have added more exercise.  I am considering going back to Weight Watchers for accountability with dieting.

7. Work in my sewing room an hour or more each week.

This just hasn’t happened.  I am still working a lot of hours and need to make this more of a priority.

8. Post on this site 4 x per month.

Since I haven’t posted until now since January….fail.

9.Continue the Use It Up project that I started in November.

I am making good progress and haven’t bought new items.

10. Complete a home project from my list every month (this includes decor projects–we don’t have a lot of fixing up to do).

No real new projects, just cleaning out areas and general housekeeping.


We had a big expense that we were not expecting.  Our daughter’s car died and was not worth repairing.  We helped her with the purchase of a used car and she is paying us back.

We did add money back into savings and have recovered from helping to buy the car.  We want to continue to build back up our savings.

How are your goals for 2018 going?

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