My 12 Goals for 2017: Week 5 of 52

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Here is my update for this week.  I really didn’t do that well on goals.  I was super busy at work and put in a lot of hours.  It was still a good week for paying down the mortgage and our grocery budget.

1. Pay Down Our Mortgage

We will be adding $500 to our house payment for February to go directly to the principle.

Total extra paid in 2017–$1500.

2. Frugal Gift Giving

I didn’t work on any gifts this week.  I plan on trying to use up a lot of my fabric stash for Christmas gifts this year.

3. Buy only what is essential and choose to buy used when possible.

Well, we made a big purchase this week.  My husbands car has required some work lately.  We felt like it was getting to the age where it’s going to be one thing after another.  Our great nephew started looking for a small used truck at a great deal and found one on Friday. We paid cash for the truck and then our nephew listed my husband’s car and sold it today.  We spent a net of $5550 for the 2013 Toyota Tacoma after selling my husbands car.

4.  Plan and install Edible Landscaping

It is sleeting outside as we speak.  I looked up the last frost date for our area.  It is March 30th.  I will be able to plant lettuce seeds and onion sets in late February.

5. Look for new ways to cut spending.

I really didn’t do much in this category.  However, I am happy that I am getting creative in the kitchen.  I have been making things from scratch like salad dressings, bread and granola.  If I need something from the grocery store, I try to thing if there is a way to make it with ingredients I already have.

6.  Look for side hustles to earn an extra $5000

We didn’t make extra money this week and we didn’t sell anything to make extra money.  I really don’t know how realistic this goal is going to be for us.

7.  Declutter–Get rid of 1000 items.

I found 2 shirts to get rid of in my husband’s side of the closet and another set of sheets.  It looks like I won’t be getting much done on decluttering in February.  We have three weekends that are already booked and my long work hours during the week mean I don’t get anything done at home.

8.  10/7/17–Cash Flow our Daughter’s Wedding

We mailed the Save the date cards this week, so we spend $49 on stamps.

Total $2386.00

9.  Lose 50 pounds

I lost 2 lbs.  I need to get serious about this and start moving more.

10.  Devote time 3-4 days a week to Self-Care

I completely failed on this goal.  No yoga, no time in my sewing room.  I did enjoy cooking as usual on Sunday afternoon.


11. Spend no more than $300/month on groceries

Yay!  I went to the grocery store today and stuck close to my goal.  I only had $17.42 to spend today and spent $18.60.  I think I am happy with spending $301.18 in January.

12.  Finish 12 sewing projects

No time in sewing room this week.

How was your week?



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    February 4, 2017 at 7:18 pm

    Well done on sticking to your grocery budget. Besides rent groceries is our biggest monthly expense. NYC is so expensive. I cannot wait till the day when I hopefully have a garden Tony close some of the costs. I also love gardening so looking forward to having a hobby too.
    My self care sucked this past week too. I try to do yoga twice a week but did none. No bath either. But T. and I did a lot of snuggling on a couch while watching movies so I need to count that 😉

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